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Thanks to it’s innovative design and the revolutionary SIS-Barrel, the EPIC A3 is not just
the shortest cal .50 rifle in the world, it’s even shorter than a standard AR-15 carbine.
The AR15 is comparable in size to the EPIC A3 but is chambered in the much weaker 5.56,
a cartridge so pathetic, even if you would put the entire weapon into a larger weapon
and fire it at something, it would still be disappointing.
The M82 is a semi-automatic sniper/anti-materiel rifle from the people who first had the idea to
actually try to hit something with a large caliber machine gun cartridge, but it’s almost twice the
lenght of an EPIC A3.
The XM500 is a lighter and more compact bullpub alternative to the M82 but is still considerably
longer than the EPIC A3. Also, it has been in development for 8 years now, with no signs of
getting finished or prettier any time soon.
The Cheytac M200 is a device invented to sell Chey Tac .408 cartridges by CheyTac LLC,
a company most famous for their naming department.
A banana is a healthy but less tactical alternative to the EPIC A3 and apparently an important
unit of measure on the internet. The EPIC A3 is about 4 ⅓ bananas long, but directly comparing
both is a bit like comparing apples and oranges.
Peter Dinklage is an american actor, most famous for voicing Captain Gutt in
“Ice Age: Continental Drift” and for being shorter than a Barrett M82, but larger than an EPIC A3.



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